They're finally ready for action.

A while back already, I wrote a blog on painting Caribbean Africans. I finally finished actually painting the three Foundry packs I'd bought.

I painted 23 figures; I somehow had managed to get a hold of the old 8-packs. Don't know what happened to that last guy. Will probably find find when I least expect it.

The pic shows about half of the painted figures. They're actually pretty easy to paint, having little to no equipment other than their rifles.

Contrary to what most Americans might think, about 85% of Africans brought to the New World went to the Caribbean, not the Colonies. They worked the sugar plantations. Conditions were brutal and there were frequent revolts. As a matter of interest, Alexander Hamilton grew up the the Caribbean and because of his experience was a strong abolitionist.

These figures are in the pirate range but I think they would be better as an independent force, perhaps allied with pirates.

September 2017 Update: Yup, found the 24th character. I'd set him aside to compare heights with other figures. Now he's on the painting table waiting his turn.